This site was launched in January 2008 as part of a commercial project,
very much against my better judgement,
for I have no commercial leanings or abilities.

I have from time to time found it useful as a space separate from my principal site
for the temporary storage of or display of 'all sorts of everything'.

As of the summer of 2017 I have begun the process of transferring content
which is not directly related to my own work from my principal site to this one.
Content resurrected and re-edited from a site still operative, but which
I can no longer access is in the lengthy process of preparation for this site.
In addition long existing but not yet completed content will be added here.

The content on this site will be of various types;
political/social/historical/ philosophical, observational, etc -
all entirely dependent on what I have and how the fancy takes me.

There is an e-mail address for this site,
however in light of the prevalence of spam and my reluctance
to dedicate time to filtering it out I check it only 'once in a blue moon'.