The flag of the Spanish Republic.

For as far back as I can remember the framed painting of the flag of the Republic of Spain was always on the wall. It had been painted by a friend of my father.

When I was given a bandera republica (republican flag) of my own I was delighted to hang it outside the front of my house.

Over the course of two years it did a great job - people driving past giving friendly beeps, or stopping to talk if I happened to be outside. People declaring their allegiances, telling me their family histories re. the Civil War.

I also received, very occasionally, the dirty looks of old fascists and fascist apologists. (For an insight into the tiny mind of one of these characters see 'Señor Skulker, and a judge's pillockry')

In the early weeks of 2017 a violent winter storm shredded the flag.

In my first month in the house I had sprayed the republican colours on a section of the old main door (now long since replaced), and had considered doing the same on the front face of the galeria (also old, and eventually to be replaced), however the difficulties of working there were against the idea.

Replacing the shredded flag with a new one wasn't a great idea either; part of the wear and tear was a result of flapping against the wall. So back to painting a flag on the galeria.

First the interesting scaffolding.

Second the finished work, the flag as seen when approaching from the village.

The flag as seen when viewed from this distance.

The whole village.

My house and the immediate neighbours.

For larger images of the flag from a distance and the unusual scaffolding
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