Morodo of Bustelo - Fascist Mass-murderer

The information I have on Morodo of Bustelo is sketchy, some is very precise, some very vague.

There appear to be two Morodos of Bustelo, not, apparently blood relatives, but two different men who have married into the Morodo family. The name 'Morodo of Bustelo' simply indicates that they live in Casa Morodo, the only occupied house in the village of Bustelo de Murias.

Both Morodos of Bustelo are described as the 'man in the shadows pulling the strings'. Morodo's choice of candidates for the local council win the elections, his poodle gets to be alcalde, and a disproportionate amount of public money apparently makes its way in his direction.

At the last council elections in this village with a maximum of seven legitimate voters sixteen people voted. In conversation with the local priest he mentioned that a nearby village has only three residents, yet ten people voted. In another village with no residents eight people voted. This is repeated in village after village.

The current belief is that Morodo of Bustelo the Fascist mass-murderer has died in recent years, and that the Morodo of Bustelo who now controls the council is nowhere near old enough to have been involved in the murders.

In 1937 Morodo of Bustelo is known to have been a key figure in the murder of prisoners at O Acebo, and then travelled through to Grandas de Salime where he continued the mass-murder including the murder of at least one child. Through the decades he ruled the area with brutality and murder aided by the Fascist era alcalde Jose Lopez.

Being a Fascist mass-murderer was a very profitable business.