Indisputably the frontrunner by a mile in a field of one, Mariano Rajoy is only now being recognized.

As the world's paramount impersonator of the late Benny Hill, Mariano has climbed to the peak, scaled the summit, and reached the dizzying heights of Benny Hill from whence he looks down on a vast following of adoring fans - and its not just the seagulls of the Partido Pajaro, but flocks of confused sheep, cattle chewing the cud, gangs of mendicant Francisco Tramps with their bulging envelopes, jobbing speechwriters' fabricators, liners of pockets, and so on.

Artur Mas, President of Catalunya, right,
and the world's most accomplished impersonator of the dead comedian Benny Hill,
Mariano Rajoy.

But what is it exactly that makes Mariano such a success at mimicking the great Benny Hill?

Some say it is the well made but somehow always ill-fitting suits, some the endless succession of pratfalls, others would claim the secret lies in the gormless grin. Some say the not so secret lies in "Nunca, Nunca, Nunca." his unscrupulously brilliant catch-phrase (which freely translated into English becomes the hilarious warning to sheep who haven't yet been confused (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) "I'm a nonce, a nonce, a nonce.").

But all would agree that when it comes to impersonating the dead comedian Benny Hill Mariano enjoys one massive advantage over his multitude of non-existent rivals, and that is his absolute and effortless mastery of thanatosis.