Spanish Vignettes

I believed that Spain, having joined the EU would have made greater progress towards normality after the evil of the murderous Fascist dictatorship.

The following pieces of writing show how wrong I was.


The original set of three Spanish Vignettes:

01) The Show Trial of Baltasar Garzón

02) The Saviours of The Nation

03) The Hammer of a Scot

03a) Hammering

And the other Spanish Vignettes:

Republican flag

Republican flag at the site of the mass grave at O Acebo

Two memorials to the murdered militiamen of O Acebo

A map of Catalunya - showing its national border

On the Raping of Nuns

Mariano Rajoy - The World's Best...

A surprising coincidence of profiles

Movistar - The Pickpocket

Chasing the Ghosts of Franco - Alvaro Minguito

La memoria enterrada - Alvaro Minguito

La Cucaracha